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Real estate investment comes in many forms, depending on the individual’s need and/or preferences. He can choose a house, a plot of land, a villa or an apartment to invest in. A house or a plot of land will be ideal for large families to enjoy the large indoor spaces and green spaces outside. Enjoying time with family and friends in a social neighborhood is important if this is a focal point in your life. If you want to live close to your place of work in the city, then your condominium can meet

You have these needs. By sharing a wide range of amenities with other tenants, you need a balanced lifestyle.

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Our Values

Best Quality
We present the best quality whether in the services we provide or the materials we use it.
Fast Turnaround
Fast turnaround ​​of implementation from receipt of the order and contract until finally delivery.
Unique Design
We offer unique designs that distinguish us and there is no equal in terms of accuracy.
Budget Friendly
Although the quality of our work, we offer a budget that is very suitable for your business.
Complete Solutions
We provide integrated services for your needs, whether in interior design, architecture or construction.
Experts Team
We have an expert team of engineers, administrators, technicians, workers and others.

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Our Team

Eng. Mohsen Yousef

Hla Mohsen
Interior Designer

Ahmed Hussien
Projects Manager

Marwa Ahmed
Interior Architecture Designer

Mohamed Abdel Moneim
Technical Office Engineer

Mohamed Raafat
Technical Office Engineer

Hitham El Gimazy

Ayman Said
Financial Management

Rabeh Reda
Legal Affairs

Mohamed Helwa
Chief commercial officer

Doaa Sabry
Digital Marketing

Mustafa Khaled
Digital Marketing Specialist

Omar Sayed
Structural Engineer

Ahmed Mokhtar
Structural Engineer

Ibrahim Ghaly
Design Director

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